Persit Koorcab Rem 071 Gelar Donor Darah , BANYUMAS - In the framework of the 75th anniversary of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana in 2021, Persit KCK Koorcab Rem 071 PD IV / Diponegoro, held a social service through blood donation and giving love cords. The event took place at the Meeting Hall A. Yani Makorem 071 / Wijayakusuma, Sokaraja, Banyumas. Friday (26/03/2021).

Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Koorcab Rem 071's caring action is a form of empathy for the community and helps stock the availability of PMI's blood during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chairman of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Koorcab Rem 071 PD IV / Diponegoro, Ny. Dewi Lagan Safrudin said that the social service carried out was a form of Persit's concern to increase her role as a soldier's wife and member of the organization as well as as a citizen who has social responsibility for the condition of the surrounding community. 

"This activity is one of our forms in helping the community and local government difficulties. Especially now that we are currently in the Covid-19 pandemic, we also empathize with helping to overcome the availability of blood stocks in PMI, especially in the Banyumas region and its surroundings," he explained. . 

The availability of blood stocks or blood plasma, said Mrs. Dewi Lagan Safrudin, is very much needed by all people during this pandemic. 

"Therefore, by donating this drop of blood we can help save our brothers and sisters who are experiencing disaster. Let us have empathy to help others during this pandemic and others", he appealed.

Regarding the love affair, Ny. Dewi Lagan Safrudin said that the giving of compassion was a vehicle to strengthen the bonds of love and help meet the needs of the families of warakawuri and the surrounding community. (Jog, Kabul)



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