Disenfranchised in Bali to Get Clean Water and Medical Aid from Faxes


Matamatanews.com, JAKARTA -- Yayasan Solemen Indonesia is a non-profit charity organization based in Bali, Indonesia that has been helping to bring help to the hurting populations of Bali. Founded by Robert Epstone the organization has been doing tremendous work all over the island since 2011. The organization is launching a huge campaign this year in order to raise 20 million dollars. The money will be used to build permanent and mobile centers that will provide clean water, medical aid, and daily needs to the people of Bali.

What is D_FAX?

PT. Telkom Indonesia is working with South African Telecommunication giant NGN Telecoms. NGN Telecoms has a product called D_Fax that will be launched in Indonesia through PT. Telkom Indonesia. D_Fax is a fax number that doesn’t require a fax machine, or a fax line. In order to get a D_Fax number, customers only need to have an email address. Using state of the art technology, NGN Telecoms converts your faxes inside PT. Telkom Indonesia from an analog transmission, to a digital one. This means that your faxes now come to your email address as military grade encrypted Adobe PDF files, using highly advanced compression so that the file sizes are very small without compromising on image quality. The best part of all of this? THEY ARE GIVING THE NUMBERS AWAY FOR FREE. That’s right, anyone will be able to get a digital fax number for their personal use or business use completely for free!

How Does a Fax Help Charity?

Every time you receive a fax on a D_Fax number, NGN Telecoms will be making a donation to Yayasan Solemen Indonesia. We interviewed David Svoboda who is the Asian Activations Director for NGN Telecoms. David Svoboda said, “D_Fax is a product that is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN product. It’s free – WIN. It takes your faxes from paper, toner, fax machines that drink electricity into a green digital pdf document – WIN. Your fax communications both personal and business become encrypted with military grade security – WIN. Every time you receive a fax on your free number, hurting people are getting the money to pay for the help that they desperately need – (Heru).


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